[Bmi] The Brain Principles Manifesto

Juyang Weng weng at cse.msu.edu
Sun Feb 22 00:24:06 EST 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Sorry, I did not have "respected" before Mr. Kim Jong-un in my earlier 
submission to the list.  But the note from the moderator of the mailing 
list prompted me to think twice and I reluctantly added "respected" too 
just to see the responses from this community.  We can delete 
"respected" before Mr. Kim Jong-un if this is the consensus of this 

Let us think about this hypothesis:  If you were born and raised in the 
same environment as Mr. Kim Jong-un, what can your brain figure out to 
do?   Mr. Kim Jong-un's brain is normal.   This is the issue of brain 
science.  There are two sides, more knowledgeable side A and
less knowledgeable side B.  Shall the side A just act on brain's 
reflexes?   What strategies are more productive for side A to encourage 
side B to be more knowledgeable?

How wars happen in the past and why?  We cannot demand too much on side 
B, but we can ask side A to be more scientific.  Just something for us 
to think and discuss.


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