[Bmi] The Brain Principles Manifesto

Juyang Weng weng at cse.msu.edu
Sun Feb 22 00:22:01 EST 2015

> On 2/21/15 6:42 PM, Shimon Edelman wrote:
>>> On Feb 21, 2015, at 6:30 PM, Juyang Weng <weng at cse.msu.edu> wrote:
>>> Is the following material too ahead of time for this connectionist 
>>> community?   Please feel free to reply to all with your comments.   
>>> Some of us like to get your inputs to shape the text.
>> Interpolating from the rest of the text, it looks like there’s a 
>> missing attribute word (“respected”, just in front of "Mr. Kim 
>> Jong-un”) in this version.
>> —Shimon
>> Shimon Edelman
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>> @shimonedelman
Dear Shimon, thank you so much for the careful reading.  As you 
suggested, I was about to add "respected" before Mr. Kim Jong-un, but I 
felt a little awkward :)  as honestly he lacks knowledge. Yes, I will 
add "respected" and resubmit.

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