[Bmi] Full paper deadline is this Sunday: BMI Summer School and ICBM Conference 2013

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Tue Apr 9 12:18:49 EDT 2013

Dear all,  this is a friendly reminder that the full paper deadline is 
this Sunday.  The abstract deadline is week after.  If you plan to 
submit but need more time, please contact me.

      Brain-Mind Institute (BMI) <http://www.brain-mind-institute.org/>

      Programs: Summer 2013

*Summer School June 17 - July 5, August 15 - August 2, 2013
International Conference on Brain-Mind (ICBM), July 27 - 28, 2013
Michigan State University <http://www.msu.edu/>, East Lansing 
<http://www.cityofeastlansing.com/>, Michigan <http://www.michigan.org/> 
USA <http://www.history.com/topics/states>

This is the 2nd year of BMI after the successful BMI 2012.  BMI 2013 has 
two parts, summer school and conference.

*Important dates*:
Full papers: by Sunday, April 14, 2013
Abstracts: by Sunday, April 21, 2013
Course applications (to get admitted so that you can register): by 
Sunday, April 28, 2013
Advance registration: Sunday, April 28, 2013

        Call for BMI Course Applications

BMI summer courses will have two 3-week sessions, the 1st session 
(Computational Brain-Mind, distance learning) June 17- July 5, 2013 and 
the 2nd session (Cognitive Science, at MSU) July 15 - August 2, 2013.

  * Due to the need of 6-discipline scope, the BMI courses are designed
    for anybody who has at least a bachelor degree, including faculty,
    senior researchers, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students
    in any discipline. Exceptional undergraduate student can be
    considered on a case by case basis.
  * On-site participation of ICBM during the course is required for all
    course related activities (except BMI 871) as part of the
    requirements of the BMI 6DC program.
  * Those who pass a course will receive a certificate.  Auditing
    without doing homework and taking exams is also welcome.
  * Those who do not take any BMI course can also register for only ICBM.

        Call for ICBM Papers and Abstracts

BMI Internal Conference on Brain-Mind (ICBM) calls for papers in all 
subjects related to brain or mind to be presented during Saturday and 
Sunday. The subjects of interest include, but not limited to:

 1. *Genes*: inheritance, evolution, species, environments, nature vs.
    nurture, and evolution vs. development.
 2. *Cells*: cell models, cell learning, cell signaling, tissues,
    morphogenesis, and tissue development.
 3. *Circuits*: features, clustering, self-organization, cortical
    circuits, Brodmann areas, representation, classification, and
 4. *Streams*: pathways, intra-modal attention, vision, audition, touch
    (including kinesthetics, temperature), smell, and taste.
 5. *Brain ways*: neural networks, brain-mind architecture, inter-modal
    attention, multisensory integration, and neural modulation
    (punishment/serotonin/pain, reward/dopamine/pleasure/sex,
    novelty/acetylcholine/norepinephrine, higher emotion).
 6. *Experiences/learning*: training, learning, development,
    interaction, performance metrics, and functions of genome.
 7. *Behaviors:* actions, motor development, concept learning,
    abstraction, languages, decision making, reasoning, and creativity.
 8. *Societies/multi-agent*: joint attention, swarm intelligence, group
    intelligence, genders, races, science of organization,
    constitutions, and laws.
 9. *Diseases*: depression, ADD/ADHD, drug addiction, dyslexia, autism,
    schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, vision
    loss, and hearing loss.
10. *Applications*: image analysis, computer vision, speech recognition,
    pattern recognition, robotics, artificial intelligence,
    instrumentation, and prosthetics.

Accepted full papers and abstracts will be presented orally at ICBM, 
available online and searchable.  Each paper will be maximum 8 pages. 
Each abstracts must be no longer than 1 page.

Juyang (John) Weng, Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
MSU Cognitive Science Program and MSU Neuroscience Program
428 S Shaw Ln Rm 3115
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824 USA
Tel: 517-353-4388
Fax: 517-432-1061
Email: weng at cse.msu.edu
URL: http://www.cse.msu.edu/~weng/

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