[Bmi] A new BMI course added

Juyang Weng weng at cse.msu.edu
Wed Mar 7 11:34:32 EST 2012

Dear all,

In response to several inquiries, the following course has been added 
for summer 2012:

BMI 871 Computational Brain-Mind for BMR: Prerequisite: (BMI 841 and BMI 
851 and BMI 861, or equivalent). Autonomous biological development. 
Symbolic representations and architectures. Emergent representations and 
architectures. Brain's emergent spatial representations. Brain's 
emergent temporal representations. Perception, cognition, attention, 
learning, behaviors, abstraction, reasoning, decision making. Vision, 
audition, touch, and multimodality. Modulatory system: motivation and 
higher emotion.

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