[Bmi] The Brain Principles Manifesto

Juyang Weng weng at cse.msu.edu
Tue Feb 24 11:23:51 EST 2015

On 2/21/15 1:35 PM, XXX wrote:

> I agree with your brain manifesto (though consider yourself lucky when
> you get it generally accepted within less than 20 years).
> I would add after "Is a currently narrowly defined academic degree
> sufficient for their career?"  Will a sufficiently broad degrees
> further their careers or stunt them?
> -XXX

On 2/22/15 8:21 AM, Yoonsuck Choe wrote:
> Hi John,
> As for the feedback on your brain principles manifesto, those who 
> heard "brain principles" for the first time might not have any idea 
> what those principles are by the time they finished reading your email 
> (only people who read your paper, like me, could know). An analogy 
> would be like this: Darwin announces the "origin of species manifesto" 
> and does not mention evolution or any of the main mechanisms 
> (selection, mutation, etc.).
> Yoonsuck
> choe at tamu.edu

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