[Bmi] BMI Course Application: Deadline is this Sunday.

Juyang Weng weng at cse.msu.edu
Sat Mar 17 15:50:07 EDT 2012

Dear friend,

Please proceed with your intellectual drive to know, and discover 
further, one of the most exciting discoveries of our era --- how the 
brain-mind works at computational depth!  The BMI 6-Discipline 
Certificate is a "ticket" to get into the door of such exciting picture 
of knowledge.

I have applied for BMI 811 (Biology for Brain-Mind Research) and BMI 821 
(Neuroscience for Brain-Mind Research). I look forward to being a 
student next to you! I cannot apply for BMI 871 (Computational 
Brain-Mind), a distance-learning course, since I plan to co-teach it.

The deadline for course applications is this Sunday.  You need to get 
admitted into BMI first before you can register for the courses at a 
later day (April 15, 2012 if you want to get a early rate).

The number of applications for a particular course will affect whether 
BMI will offer the course.  I courage you to apply now to reserve your 
seat in the courses you like to take.

Note: BMI871 Computational Brain-Mind (distance learning) will enable 
you to get the first glimpse at the beautiful integrated picture of the 
computational brain-minds! Normally, it requires all 6 other BMI courses 
as prerequisites.  But since this is the first year, the instructor will 
consider approving those who take two BMI courses this summer plus a 
background check, since BMI 871 immediately follows them.

Also tell your colleagues and advisees about the Sunday deadline.

Some senior researchers were concerned about the exam.  The BMI Exam 
results are always private and confidential.  You are not required to 
take the exam for a BMI course.  However, in the future, BMI course 
certificates will be a highlight on your resume that people respect!  
The BMI 6-Discipline Certificate would be more respected!

Please contact me if you have questions.  More detail is available at: 

Humbly yours.

Juyang Weng

Juyang (John) Weng, Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
MSU Cognitive Science Program and MSU Neuroscience Program
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Michigan State University
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